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Hamster CLOUD Dowel Sand Bath


- Keeps sand away from bedding and burrowing materials
- Made from robust materials
- Assembled using pet safe non toxic glue
- Delivers pre assembled
- Base and upper frame made from formaldehyde free poplar plywood
- Dowel sides made from solid birch dowels
- Legs up to 25cm included (over this length, please select "no legs", order the longer legs separately and message to let us know)


Dispatch Time

Production time is around 2 weeks so will be ready to ship after that period. At busy times this can be longer, if you need it sooner please let us know and we'll do our best to accomodate your timescale.


Designed to suit enclosures of 100cm x 50cm or over, this provides an excellent digging and bathing area for your rodent friend.

If ordering with legs, your sand bath will be supplied with drilled and countersunk holes. Please bear in mind that if placing on the floor at a later date this will mean substrates will be able to escape through the base.


Gives them a safe space to play, dig and bath without disturbance.

Hamster CLOUD Dowel Sand Bath - 2 Sizes Available!