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Our Story

Thanks for visiting us, we are a family run business with a passion for animals, pets and wildlife. We have 8 pets of our own (at the moment), with 5 of them rescued which include 1 Hamster, 2 Guineas Pigs, 2 Rabbits, an English Setter, a Royal Python and a Bengal Eagle Owl.


Ever since our daughter had her first hamster, Henry, she became utterly devoted to providing him all her love and the best she could with the space she had available. Over the last year and a half I have been frantic with requests from my daughter to build and make numerous accessories and a new enclosure to ensure Henry had the best environment we could offer. As well as this, I began making new accessories for our rabbits and guinea pigs as well as building a complete covered outdoor run.


In recognition of Henry and the inspiration he provided our daughter (and me for that matter!), I decided to call our little shop after him and this is who you will see next to the name. Unfortunately, Henry passed away recently at the age of 22 months, leaving a big hole in my daughters heart.


This inspiration has in turn given me a drive to design and produce hamster, guinea pig and rabbit accessories which are of a high quality & good value. My background as a design engineer allows me to ensure all the products are robustly designed and engineered.

Also, just as important though is our passion for animals and providing them with products that are suitable for their daily needs and enrichment requirements.


As no doubt many of you will notice, most pet accessories just aren’t big or suitable enough for the animals they are intended for. Part of our aim is to offer a good range of products which we could continue to grow and offer as we developed as a service. On top of this we want to offer both pet and environmentally friendly products, which contain no adhesives, nails, fasteners or fixings and could be easily assembled/disassembled and cleaned. Our packaging is easily recyclable so everything creates minimal impact on the environment as far as possible. All our wood is also responsibly sourced from FSC suppliers.


We hope you find something you like and if not we are more than happy to look at adding it to the range or even offering bespoke designs based upon your requirements. Just drop us a message or give us a call!

Image by Milada Vigerova
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