Large Slot Together Wooden Hamster Sandbox


  • Keeps sand away from bedding and burrowing materials
  • Made from robust materials
  • Assembled without glue or nails
  • Flat packed to save on packaging materials
  • Modular, allowing you to change the design to suit your requirements
  • Large shelf for hiding as well as providing a platform for other accessories
  • Large holes to suit all breeds of hamsters



Designed to suit enclosures at or just under the 80cm x 50cm, this provides an excellent digging and bathing area for your rodent friend.



The design allows for a build so it can be constructed for left or right hand opening by flipping the wood pieces around and flipping the hideaway platform over to suit your requirements. If a burrowing box is preferred the hideaway platform can be left out or removed if not required.



Gives them a safe space to play, dig and bath without disturbance. The hideaway shelf allows them to hide as they naturally would in the wild, whilst still providing them with multiple entry and exit points depending upon position in the enclosure.

Large Wooden Hamster Sandbox - Formaldehyde Free, Non Toxic, Wooden, Slot Togeth




L512mm x W281mm x H200mm

(L51.2cm x W28.1cm x H20cm)

(L20.2in x W11.1in x H7.9in approx.)



L500mm x W250mm x H185mm

(L50cm x W25cm x H18.5cm)

(L19.7in x W9.8in x H7.3in approx.)


Hole diameters: