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RESERVED for CHARLENE - ** Custom ** Hamster Dowel Sandbox


- Comes complete with 4x legs - length of your choice

- Keeps sand away from bedding and burrowing materials

- Made from robust materials

- Assembled using pet safe non toxic glue

- Delivers pre assembled

- Base and upper frame made from formaldehyde free poplar plywood

- Dowel sides made from solid birch dowels




Designed to suit enclosures at or just under the 100cm x 50cm, this provides an excellent digging and bathing area for your rodent friend.



Gives them a safe space to play, dig and bath without disturbance. The hideaway shelf allows them to hide as they naturally would in the wild, whilst still providing them with multiple entry and exit points depending upon position in the enclosure.

RESERVED for CHARLENE - ** Custom ** Hamster Dowel Sandbox