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RESERVED for TAMMY - ** Custom ** TALL Large Chamber House


  • Made from robust materials
  • Assembled without glue or nails
  • Flat packed to save on packaging materials
  • Modular, allowing you to change the design to suit your requirements
  • Removeable roof for checking without disturbance
  • Roof can be flipped around to allow access from any corner
  • Roof can be used as a platform for second level or other accessories
  • Large holes to suit all Syrian Hamsters, but would suit all other breeds too.



Designed to suit most large enclosures of at least 100cm x 50cm, this provides an excellent sleeping and safe habitat your rodent friend. The roof is removeable, however there is noo floor to allow burrowing directly from the chambers.



The design allows for a build so it can be constructed with the chamber dividers in one of two  configurations. The roof can be removed to allow easy viewing to check on your hamster and look for any stashed food with minimal disturbance. The rear slide can also be positioned left or right or totally removed if preferred. The lid also allows the roof opening to be in any corner desired by flipping the wooden lid over and/or around to suit your requirements.



Gives them a safe space to hide, eat and sleep without disturbance. There are multiple internal chambers, great for hamsters to use as individual rooms, as they like different areas for eating, stashing and sleeping. The lack of floor allows them to burrow directly down into their bedding materials. The large species specific entrance, exit and internal compartment holes mean they won't have any issues moving around, even with pouches full of food!

RESERVED for TAMMY - ** Custom ** TALL Large Chamber House



Please refer to images for full details and any questions please feel free to drop us a message.

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