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RESERVED FOR MICHELLE - Custom Slot Together Wooden Rabbit Hay Feeder


  • One large compartment for loading with hay
  • Species specific sizing - not too small like other accessories on the market
  • Less than 2 minutes to assemble
  • Made from robust materials
  • Assembled without glue or nails
  • Flat packed to save on packaging materials
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning or replacing parts



Designed ideally for larger adult rabbbits, but could be used by any other suitable sized rodents too. Provides two compartments, one either side of the tunnel, to stuff hay for easy grazing. It also provides a long tunnel which is species specific, and both tall and wide enough for your little buns. Many other accessories of this type are just not big enough, however we aim to ensure that our products are large and robust enough to suit your furry friends.



The design allows the whole tunnel to be taken apart easily, for cleaning out old hay and refreshing the internal surfaces. Equally, if any part becomes overly worn or stained during use then it is straightforward to replace any damaged part.



Gives your bunnies a safe place to hide, eat and relax with minimal disturbance. Use on its on own or in conjunction with multiple tunnels. The roof is strong enough to allow safe platform for play or sleep, most bunnies will like to jump on and off and use as a safe place off the ground.

RESERVED FOR MICHELLE - ** Custom ** Rabbit Hay Feeder



Please refer to dimensioned image for full details

Any questions or missing sizes please let us know.

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