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RESERVED for MEGAN - ** Custom ** Hamster Run Enclosure c/w Floor Panels


- Made from pet safe poplar plywood, bonded with non toxic soy based glue.
- Assembled without glue or nails
- Flat packed to save on packaging materials
- Disassembles for easy storage

- 2x Floor Panels, can be fastened together with tape to create hinge for ease of storage

Designed for hamster play time, as a safe area to run and enclose during time outside the main enclosure. The height and smooth sides ensure there is no chance of a hamster escaping.

The external faces are machined in a decorative pattern for aesthetic purposes only. Each panel slots into the other so there is no requirement for other tools or accessories to connect.

Intended for supervised use, as any accessories positioned near to the sides of the run maybe used to climb out.


Obviously the use of a safe enclosed run for free roaming exercise naturally brings enrichment for your little hammy. Generally used with numerous accessories, wheels, climbing frames, chamber houses or mazes for example.

RESERVED for MEGAN - ** Custom ** Hamster Run Enclosure c/w Floor Panels


Hamster Run

Overall L878mm x W812mm x H400mm (max) H350mm (min)

L87.8cm x W81.2cm x H40cm (max) H35cm (min)

Overall L840mm x W800mm

L84cm x W80cm

Please see images for full details nad any questions please send us a message.

Floor Panels

Each: 917mm x 476mm (91.7cm x 47.6cm)

Overall together: 917mm x 952mm (91.7cm x 95.2cm)