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Guinea Pig Double Hammock Stand


Complete with 6x 21cm long legs & preassembled hooks for hammocks.


Choose hearts, stars or circles around the top of the stand, and choose to pay extra for the following:


  • Additional Ramp - £5
  • Additional Name Engraving - £5 - Please add wording in the notes at checkout or message/email us after purchase.
  • Added Height Around Top (when selecting with Ramp) - £3


Hammocks and Loft & Ramp Liners can be ordered in to ship with your order (if living outside of the UK). The following options are available:


  • 2x Standard Hammocks (incl. additional £4 p&p) - £16
  • 2x Padded Hammocks (incl. additional £4 p&p) - £18
  • 1x Loft & Ramp Liner (incl. additional £4 p&p) - £16


Please see links below to select the colour/pattern you would like. When placing an order please let us know what colour/pattern you would like and we will order those in for you.


PLEASE NOTE: If combining Hammocks with Loft & Ramp Liner you will only be charge one £4 for postage NOT £8


Hammock size required will be 30cm (12") square, the eyelets to hang from should also be this dimension too ideally. Any tabs with D-rings for example would make the overall size larger and the hammock hang too low. If in any doubt please send us a message.


We highly recommend Bumbles Bedding for hammocks, please click use the link to go directly to their website:


We also recommend their 12" Square Hammocks as these match the description above and our hammock stands have been designed around their hammocks. Again, please use the link below:


Standard Hammocks:


Padded Hammocks:


Loft & Ramp Liners:


If purchasing from them, please ensure you select "Eyelets NO HOOKS" as this will again match with our desription for suitable hammocks.


Any questions at all just let us know! 


If you'd like to see them in action - well not really action as most piggys like to snooze in theirs - check out ours and the following Instagram accounts:

RESERVED for KATIE - ** Custom ** Guinea Pig Double Hammock Stand