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RESERVED FOR CUSTARD - Piggy Platform for Hammocks


Complete with ramp, 6x 21cm long legs & preassembled hooks for hammocks


Hammock size required will be 30cm square, the eyelets to hang from should also be this dimension too, ideally. Any tabs with D-rings would make the overall size larger and the hammock hang too low. If in any doubt please send me us a message.


We highly recommend Bumbles Bedding for hammocks, please click the link to go direct to their website:


We also recommend their 12" Square Hammocks as these match the description above and our hammock stands have been designed around their hammocks. Again, please click the link below:


If purchasing from them, please ensure you select Eyelets NO HOOKS as this will again match with our desription for suitable hammocks.


Any questions at all just let us know! 

RESERVED FOR CUSTARD - Piggy Platform for Hammocks with ramp



Please refer to images for full details

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