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RESERVED for COURTNEY - ** Custom ** Rat Castle


  • Two large castle turrets, 2 access ramps and 1 interconnecting bridge
  • Completely modular, you decide where you want the ramps and bridges, how many turrets you use etc. Many combinations available, even more when furter add ons are purchased.
  • Species specific sizing - not too small like other accessories on the market
  • Large and very strong platforms for play, sleep or eating
  • Less than 5 minutes to assemble
  • Made from robust materials
  • Assembled without glue or nails
  • Flat packed to save on packaging materials
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning or replacing parts
  • Comes complete with instructions for assembly



Designed for rats but could be used by any other suitable sized rodents too. Provides two turrets, with ground and first floor levels in each, Each can be connected with the included tunnel and ramps positioned to suit your requirements and setup. Each bridge and ramp can be positioned in anywhere around a turret. All doorways are species specific and suitably sized. We aim to ensure that our products are large and robust enough to suit your furry friends.



The design allows any combination of turrets, bridges & ramps to suit your requirements, setup and budget. Turrets can be used singly with a ramp and no interconnecting bridge, or can be built up to a full size four sided fort or larger if so wished. The design also allows the ramps and bridges to be positioned around each turret so an L, H, U or Z shaped type configuration can be achieved if desired. No other castle arrangement is as flexible to allow you to build up as you'd wish.



Gives your furry friends lots of safe places to hide, eat and relax with minimal disturbance. Use on its own or in conjunction with other products. The ramps and bridge provide lots of places to climb and explore whilst not being too steep that they can't get up. The ramps are machined to provide recessed slots for little feet to grip easily and no small gaps where little toes might get stuck.