Slot Together Wooden Rabbit or Guinea Pig Bed


  • Made from robust materials
  • Assembled without glue or nails
  • Flat packed to save on packaging materials
  • Easy to dissassemble for cleaning or replacing parts
  • Large platform for snoozing and sleeping, suitable for one large rabbit or two guinea pigs/small rabbits



Designed for large rabbits or multiple guinea pigs or smaller rabbits. Allows off the ground sleeping, making them feel safer and more relaxed. During cooler weather this can often be warmer as not directly on the floor. When weather becomes much warmer then heat can dissipate much more easily allowing for a cooler afternoon snooze.



The design allows the whole bed to be taken apart easily for cleaning whenever your furry friend decides to take the call of nature on their bed. Equally if any part becomes overly worn or stained during use then it is straightforward to replace any damaged part.



Gives them a safe place to relax and a different place to bounce on and off and sleep the day away.

Rabbit or Guinea Pig Bed - Formaldehyde Free, Non Toxic, Wooden, Slot Together &



L514mm x W360mm x H300mm

(L51.4cm x W36cm x H30cm)

(L20.2in x W14.2in x H11.8in)


Internal Bed Area:

L502mm x W314mm

(L50.2cm x W31.4cm)

(L19.8in x W12.4in)